Stories by Theme

Unlike the main list of stories and the chronological list of stories, this page is not a comprehensive list of all the Tales of the Whethermen stories I have written. Instead, it groups certain stories by category, such as theme (origin stories of how characters came to be, for example) or by character (all the Doctor Holiday stories, for example).

Origin Stories

Hippocrates Deferred (Tooth Fairy’s origin)
Identity Crisis (Origin of In Extremis team)
Prison of Wishes (Ladykiller’s origin)
That Which We Hate (Odium’s origin)

Doctor Holiday Stories

‘Tis the Season (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2009)
Designated (New Year’s Day 2010)
Tough Love (Valentine’s Day 2010)
Let Freedom Ring (Independence Day 2010)
All Hollows (Halloween 2010)
Pilgrim’s Progress (Thanksgiving 2010)
Passings and Risings (April 2011 – Passover and Easter)
Picking Up the Pieces (Halloween and Thanksgiving 2012)

Cheshire Stories

Fresh Wounds, Old Scars (co-starring Asclepius)
Curiosity Thrills the Cat (co-starring Query)

Tooth Fairy Stories

Hippocrates Deferred (Tooth Fairy’s origin)
Fly Away, Fairy

Stories with Transhumans Trying to Lead Relatively
Normal, Non-costumed Lives

Bad Business
Customer Relations
Lesson Plans
On Guard
The Pleasure Principle

Stories with Heroes, Villains and Other Costumed
Types Having to Deal with Things Out of Costume

Bad Breakup
Curiosity Thrills the Cat

Stories of Baseline Humans Having to Deal
with Issues Around Costumed Transhumans

Intersections | Burying the Lead
Morning’s Glories
Right Place, Wrong Style

Stories Taking Place at Shoreline Hero Shop
(in chronological order)

Customer Relations
Bad Business


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