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The following is a list of all stories on the site, organized by type of story. Multi-part Series are ongoing tales, usually of novella- to novel-length nature. Stand-alone Stories, or single-part short stories, often called one-offs, are self-contained; they may factor into other stories or series but can stand on their own (if you want a better sense of continuity and interplay of all the stories and chapters, you can read the stories in chronological order of when they occur, using the chronological list page as your guide). The order in which one-off stories appear below is, for the most part, the order in which I wrote them.

One-off stories are also categorized by theme (where appropriate) at the Stories by Theme page.

In addition, after the Multi-part Series and Stand-alone Stories groups is a link to my “Working Blue” page, where stories of an R- to X-rated nature can be found.

Multi-part Series

The Gathering Storm series

Part 1 [read] – Part 2 [read] – Part 3 [read] – Part 4 [read] – Part 5 [read] – Part 6 [read] – Part 7 [read]
Part 8 [read] – Part 9 [read] – Part 10 [read] – Part 11 [read] – Part 12 [read] – Part 13 [read]
Part 14
[read]Part 15 [read]Part 16 [read] Part 17 [read]Part 18 [read]Part 19 [read]
Part 20 [read] Part 21 [read] Part 22 [read] Part 23 [read] – Part 24 [read] – Part 25 [read]
Part 26 [read] – Part 27 [read] – Part 28 [read] – Part 29 [read] – Part 30 [read] – Part 31 [read] –
Part 32 [read]


Stand-Alone (Single-Part or “One off”) Stories


Customer RelationsMorning’s GloriesWolfman and Sparrow
Prison of WishesHippocrates DeferredFresh Wounds, Old Scars
The Pleasure PrincipleMild-Mannered Thankless Task‘Tis the Season
DesignatedFalloutLesson PlansTough LoveInsanity Peal
The Rule of Opposites Fishboy and Madman Strike Again
Hush-a-Bye and GoodKnightLet Freedom RingA Farewell to Blue
All HollowsOn GuardPilgrim’s ProgressBad Breakup
Dividing by ZeroCuriosity Thrills the CatFly Away, Fairy
Passings and RisingsLove and Darkness and My SidearmBad Business
Broken LegacyRight Place, Wrong StyleIntersections
Burying the LeadPicking Up the PiecesHard RideIdentity Crisis
That Which We HateQuestionable Matters

Saucier Stories (Softcore to X-rated) can be found here: Working Blue (or, The XXX-Men)


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