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Tooth Fairy


Known primarily for his criminal enterprises in the western United States, primarily in Nevada, Southern California (primarily Los Angeles and San Diego) and the Bay Area (Oakland, San Francisco and Silicon Valley)—with some activity in Mexico as well (mostly via Tijuana)—Janus seems to have recently adandoned or handed off his entire criminal empire there and is starting anew in the Eastern United states, with most of his activities thus far in New York City; New Judah, Connecticut; Piitsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Boston, Massachusetts.

Janus is known to be extremely sociopathic, but also very controlled in his approach and his emotions. He is almost always well-dressed in expensive suits or other high-end clothing, and he is clearly athletic—tall, broad-shouldered, lean and well-muscled. No one has any public knowledge of his facial appearance and there have never been any images of him without a mask. He changes the style of his mask depending on his mood, but it always represents a duality, such a drama/theater mask that is half comedy and half tragedy; a kabuki mask with entirely different designs on each side; a full-head helmet with a face in front and a face in back (like depictions of the Roman god Janus); etc.

Also unknown (at least publicly) is what transhuman power or powers he has (if any). Most speculation has been that he might be a Psionic, Brain, Morph and/or Primal.

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Mike Papaderos is an antisocial, insecure and angry high-school dropout with Thermal powers that are strong enough to singe wood (or even ignite flammable fumes, dry wood, paper, etc.) or to seriously burn a person’s skin. This power, which he most commonly employs through his hands, has given him some delusions of grandeur, and he fancies himself a supervillain on the rise, though he has only managed petty crimes thus far. Perhaps the only reason that he hasn’t been caught by police yet is that he changes the style of his costume often, mostly because the materials he uses are so cheap and because he can’t make up his mind.

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Semi-retired (but pulled back into more or less full-time action by Janus), and still in hiding from the law, Underworld has managed to maintain a profitable celebrity image (and income) despite being a fugitive and not having served her two separate prison sentences for robbery, grand theft, extortion, larceny, drug trafficking and running prostitutes. Despite her long criminal record, Underworld actually took the “high road” in many of her crimes, focusing on banks, large jewelry stores, the homes of the ultra-rich and other such venues for her thefts; dealing primarily high-grade marijuana and powdered cocaine; and maintaining very high-class brothels and escort services. Her arch-nemesis was Glory Boy, who thwarted her many times, captured her twice—and whom she ultimately defeated and partially crippled in the late 1990s. Underworld has powers in several areas, but very specific ones in most cases. She is a Luminar, but is only able to dim or block light. She is Regenerator, but can only heal others. She is a Morph, but only able to change the color of her hair and skin. She is a Psi with very powerful telekinetic powers, but that power only works in physical contact with an entity or object, giving her the power to cling to surfaces, hold someone in place or fling them hard. Also, she is a Speedster, but she is a dimensional-shifting one, not a true high-speed runner.

She escaped incarceration the first time in a fairly traditional prison break. The second time, she used her Speedster powers to shift interdimensionally and essentially teleport out of prison by “jumping” a few feet at a time—an effort that exhausted her greatly. No one was aware that she escaped in that manner, and she had told no one the trick she used—largely because there has never been a documented case of a transhuman using that kind of Speedster capability to teleport, and she wanted to keep that a secret (though Janus knows, having forced the information from her).  Even without her ability to change her hair and skin color at will, Underworld is very accomplished in the art of disguise.

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Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy has very high-level capabilities as a Morph, though her powers are geared specifically around teeth and bones, as well as the ability to manipulate her flesh in some simple but striking ways. She has an extremely high calcium content in her body and other materials related to the construction of teeth and bones and a vein-like transport system that allows her to quickly distribute those materials throughout her body. She can change her teeth, expand their size or even grow dozens of extra ones, from “normal” teeth to fangs or more exotic constructs. She can make other parts of her body form mouth-like orifices filled with sharp teeth, meaning she could theoretically bite and chew a victim’s flesh with the palm of her hand or cause a gnashing mouth to form on some part of her body that someone might dare to touch without her permission. She can do a great deal of physical damage, on the order of a large attack dog, with those teeth-like constructs, and she sometimes does so with great glee and gusto. Her bones are quite resilient and strong, and she has been known to sometimes extrude spike-like or blade-like bony protrusions from her arms in fights.

She often pulls teeth from her victims and keeps them as souvenirs—and in fact turns many of those teeth into jewelry that she wears when in her costume, which also includes a short, gauzy, wing-like cape in her early career and later a more advanced and realistic set of fairy wings that actually flap with small movements of her muscles. She is fairly strong, though not terribly muscled, suggesting she may have Brute capabilities as well to a mild degree. She also is a vamp, with the ability to absorb calcium and some other essential minerals from others (though the process takes significant time). Tooth Fairy is very self-centered and highly sociopathic and violent.

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