About This Blog

This blog has been created for the sole purpose about writing fiction revolving around a superhero group called The Whethermen. Tales may not always involve the entire team nor even always involve members of it, but all stories will somehow relate to the world in which The Whethermen exist, the enemies they face and/or the kinds of missions of justice (or vengeance) that they undertake.

The name “Whethermen” is inspired by a blog/site that my son co-created with some high school and college friends of his, called The Whethermen’s Union (which used to be at http://www.whethermen.com but now seems to be defunct and offline). He and I are both fans of the superhero/supevillain genre, and the name of the site he helped create made me think of the graphic novel “The Watchmen” (also turned into a movie, of course) which remains one of the classics of the modern superhero mythos.

I was thus inspired to create a group called The Whethermen, which includes thematic and stylistic elements not only heavily influenced by the superhero team in “The Watchmen” but also drawn from DC’s The Doom Patrol and Justice League teams and Marvel Comic’ Avengers and X-Men teams.

If you need to know any more about why I started this whole project up, you can review the inaugural post on the blog here. Almost everything else posted subsequent to that, though, will be superheroic fiction. Strap yourselves in.

(Incidentally, I also have a blog on which I deal with politics, social issues, religion and various rantings and ravings called Holy Sh!+ from Deacon Blue.)

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