Working Hard, Even If It Doesn’t Look Like It ;-)

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Announcements / General

I have been writing a lot of scenes lately. Granted, they are for future stories I’m not ready to write yet and for future chapters of “The Gathering Storm” beyond the next installment I have in progress, but the creative juices are flowing. I anticipate a new chapter of “The Gathering Storm” soon as well as a flurry of short stories. You may be seeing a lot of Patient Zero in the upcoming one-off short stories soon (it will kind of be a series, though not packaged as such). If you don’t recall who that transhuman is, you can read the story “Dividing by Zero” and can expect to find out how things went with his evil plans in that story, as well as where the rest of his travels take him.

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