And So It Begins…

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Announcements / General

I’ve been writing since pretty much I was able to spell. My occupation is as a journalist, and I already have two other personal blogs besides this one. The first is Holy Sh!+ by Deacon Blue, which I’ve had for quite some time now and which, despite the name, covers a whole lot more than spiritual issues, but when I do, it has a tendency to make some religious folks blush (or flush…with anger) at times. There I started a science fiction novel for which I posted serialized updates in between other postings on religion, spirituality, social issues, politics and random crap, but that novel stalled midstream in 2009, and I’m not sure when I will finish it. My second blog I still keep a secret, posting under an entirely different blogging identity, as the subject matter is rather combustibly erotic…you’ll simply have to take my word that the fiction I post there is not only pretty well-read but also highly regarded by many readers for its plots and characters as much as for the sex scenes.

This blog is a place where I will be able to write more short fiction that I can actually share broadly, and perhaps from here I can find a path toward being not just a journalistic writer (and editor), but also an author who can earn a public reputation for his fiction (and maybe get paid for it one day)…and perhaps if I find readership and success here, I will feel the urge to write and share with you fiction that is neither superheroic nor sexual in nature.

To find out more specifically about the not-so-secret origin of this “Tales of the Whethermen” blog, just click here.

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